Videos for Spanish Learners

This section has videos I have created to explain concepts that my students often struggle with:

How to apologize in Spanish - lo siento (and to express sympathy)

Feeling regretful of your mistake, or sorry for someone is not a fun feeling, and it won’t be a time you want to pull out your translator! How to be prepared to say the right words? What to say when you have hurt someone like a friend or a partner? This is not a moment you want to feel tongue-tied and worry that the person you care about cannot understand the regret you want to extend to them.

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How to apologize in Spanish - perdone vs disculpe vs lo siento

In English there is this convenient word “sorry” that can be used for so many different situations. But this is different if you are speaking Spanish. “Sorry”, you mutter as you bump into someone unintentionally on the sidewalk. You are in a big hurry. “Sorry, I’m late!” You exclaim as you meet your friend for a quick coffee before work. As you reach up for a big hug (and maybe a besito) you knock their phone off the table, “Oh!

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How to say excuse me in Spanish - perdón vs con permiso vs disculpe

“Excuse me!” In English, we use this phrase in so many different contexts with various tones of voice. Some probably sounded more polite than others, even though their meaning was the same. Take a moment and I bet you can remember three times you have used it recently for different purposes. Maybe you needed to get a cashier’s attention when they were busy texting and you were ready to check out.

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Time and Weather in Spanish - Tiempo vs Vez vs Hora vs Clima

Sometimes learning Spanish can be frustrating. You think you know the basics but then you realize your Spanish friends are laughing at you. You just asked them how the weather was at the party they went to instead of asking if they enjoyed it! (¿Tuviste un buen tiempo en la fiesta?) But how were you supposed to know that it wouldn’t make sense? “Tiempo” is used for both “time” and “weather” in Spanish!

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Rincón vs Esquina - The Two Words for "Corner" in Spanish

Corner? Which corner? “La esquina” or “el rincón”? Do you know the difference between “esquina” and “rincón”? Both are translated into English as the word, “corner” but in Spanish they are not used the same way! This is an important distinction to make if you want to talk to your students in the classroom, or if you want to meet up with your friends on the corner for a “cerveza” or beer!

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