About Fluent in Spanish.org and me, Carmen

Have you ever had a dream that you always wanted to make happen but procrastinated about for far too long…? Hi there, my name is Carmen, and Fluent in Spanish.org is the eventual realization of mine. Yay!!!

Me, Carmen, from Fluent in Spanish.org

I am a language learner, a Spanish teacher, and a dreamy soul who loves sunsets on the beach, nature, travelling, and hugging animals until my clothes are full of hair. I love teaching Spanish - it makes me go to bed every night with a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Music has guided my life in both my languages - Spanish and English. When I was a child in Spain, it was music in Spanish that made me passionate about the different accents of Spanish from around the world. And it was music in English that gave me the dream of becoming fluent in English at some point. As I child I also developed a passion for Latin-American literature. I was a geeky child who asked for music and books instead of toys.

Many years later I decided to study a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, and to teach my language abroad so I could also learn English. I ended up teaching Spanish for several years at Penn State University, in the USA.

I am now back in Spain, teaching one-on-one online lessons through Skype. I love to help people who are keen to progress their Spanish but have little time to study - with online lessons they can learn from home, from work, or from a coffee shop. There is no reason to give up on your passion to learn Spanish when there is a way to do it at your own pace. And a little secret: I love having a job where I can be barefoot all day long.

I believe in humour and consistency as ways to fight your insecurity while trying to become fluent in a language. There is no learning without mistakes, so let’s make them with a laugh and a smile.