Get Fluent in Spanish!

Fluency in Spanish for travel

Hi, I’m Carmen and I’m a Spanish teacher. I run this website as a free resource to help you become fluent in Spanish.

It’s not trying to be a comprehensive resource, rather it exists to fill in some of the gaps left by other websites, textbooks, and typical formal courses.

I used to teach Spanish classes in Penn State University in the USA, now I’m back in Spain teaching Spanish through Skype and similar. I know the things that people tend to struggle with on their journeys to Spanish fluency. My students often come to me with important questions that they can’t find answers to, or things they just can’t seem to understand from the explanations in their textbooks.

There is a wealth of useful information for Spanish learners out there, but many sources are missing important details that are necessary to achieve fluency. So I created Fluent in to help Spanish learners fill in the gaps and get to a fluent level faster.

Also, some difficult topics are covered exhaustively elsewhere, but always in the same way. Sometimes looking at a problem from a different angle can really help. So here I also provide alternative explanations of concepts my students have struggled with - alternative explanations that can help things finally click into place.

I hope you will find this website as useful as my students have.

Check out the articles, videos, and podcasts I’ve created. I’ll be adding more over time, so please do check back in future as well.